Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obvious Conclusions...

**Thanx krex for inspiring these thoughts!!**

It's funny, at points last weekend (especially Friday) I was swearing that I would NEVER NEVER NEVER do another Show again. It was too much stress, too much pressure, too overwhelming.

So what changed my mind?

Well, I think it was Saturday night, we were driving home after the first long day kinda talking about how things went & what the day was like, and I came to some obvious conclusions....

  1. It won't be this stressful every time. I hadn't realized that I wasn't going to have to make as much product for every show. I think I was under some delusion that I would sell out every item that I had for sale, and would have to restock it all in the future. Well, that didn't happen!! I have plenty of stuff that I can list in my shop & plenty of product to take to the next show. I can instead focus on making more AWESOME sculptures to sell instead of spending so much time making the small, easy stuff.
  2. Just because I don't sell at the show, doesn't mean people won't buy. I knew this one in the back of my head, but was so worried about selling stuff there, that it wasn't until Sunday that I really started to focus on handing out business cards & telling people about my blog. I know that doing shows is about networking and getting people exposed to your work, and there is no reason that someone who took my business card at the show might not check out my shop & buy something they passed over before.
  3. Not every show is going to be a winner. My parents used to own a Comic Book Shop when I was little, and they would sell at many-a Comic Book Conventions. They told me that there were shows where they didn't make a single sale all weekend!! Also Unique Los Angeles is a huge show (almost too overwhelming) and after talking to a fellow vendor, I learned that this specific show is very Design & Clothes & Bags based. There are other shows that are more arts and hand-made crafts based that I might sell better at. You never know until you try!
So now that I have a more realistic view of what doing shows is going to be like, I feel better about it. I think I just had nothing to compare it to. I did really well, so I am happy with the whole experience. I also know that starting your own business (crafty or otherwise) is really expensive, and most people fail, and most people do it for years without any real recognition. I'm okay with that... for now.

And going with the thoughts of #1, I'm excited about making new products and to continue expanding my current designs. I did get to make a few new sculptures for the show. I sold many of them, but have a few that I need to photo & list in my shop.

Unique L.A. 2009 - 4

Need better pictures of my new Palm Tree. It has battery-powered X-Mas lights, with the battery pack hidden in the base. It's super cute & lights up! Definitely need to get this one photo'd today!

Unique L.A. 2009 - 8

Unique L.A. 2009 - 14

Everybody thought these were HILARIOUS!! I thought they were cute & funny. They are just little bits of felted coal. Made the same way as my sushi, except that I dyed the wool with Acid dyes (which was kinda hardcore & complicated).

Unique L.A. 2009 - 15

New CupCakes!! Love these & the cherries!! I think the stems came out perfect!! I need to photo these too... so much to do even after the show's over!!

HeeHee!! New design, need to tweak it a little bit to make it more awesome. Got some materials (casting resin) to try out on this little fun sculpture. You can't kill this little fishy!!!

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