Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pictures from Unique L.A.

So here is the first installment of pictures of my most-awesome booth at the Unique Los Angeles Craft Show.

Here's overall pictures of me & my booth design. I was happy that so many people complimented me on how nice my work was displayed. They were saying that lots of people didn't layout the space well, so that it wasn't inviting to come in and look at stuff. That was a goal of mine, to really make it fun & homey and get people in to look at all the stuff I had in there. There was alot of stuff, but I was pretty happy with most everything.

Unique L.A. 2009 - 5

Unique L.A. 2009 - 6

You can see my coffee there! This was Sunday Morning, and I was chugging it like it was going out of style!!

Unique L.A. 2009 - 16

Lots of people liked the Fireplace. My mom totally stayed up till 2AM the night before set-up, cause the way I wanted to construct it, didn't quite work out. It was based off of an old-school CardBoard Fireplace, but instead of painting the bricks on, we glued felt bricks on!! It ended up nice.

I was really proud of my self, that after all the blood, sweat, & tears... I made enough stuff to fill the booth! I pretty much made everything in about a month. It was so stressful, but in the end, it was a ton of fun. I really really enjoyed meeting all the shoppers & fellow sellers. Everybody was so nice & really helpful. Everyone was surprised that this was my VERY FIRST SHOW!! They all laughed and said that I picked a huge show to start with.

But that just like me...
Gotta jump in head first... not test the water with my little toe... feeling the chill... scared to get wet...


  1. Congratulations...looks like a really great set up . I have only done one show and it was super stressful but I have heard they get easier .

  2. Thanx! It's funny cause I work best under pressure, but it was kinda extreme. But now I realize that if I do another show, I already have alot of the stuff ready to go!! I think I might write about this today! Thanx for the inspiration!