Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking at a New Car!!

So after having to stuff everything in my tiny little 2004 New Beetle, I was thinking about getting a slightly bigger car. If I'm gonna try & do this whole Craft Show thing, not sure that my Bug will be able to cut it. Luckily we spent the day out at the L.A. Auto Show yesterday!! It was like going to every car showroom you could image, but all in one place!

This is a picture of me in my next car!! They checked my credit & it's pretty good, although the monthly payments are a bit high for me right now!!!

I think this one was the Mercedes SL550. It retails for about $125,000. It was funny cause a lady said that I looked "really cute" sitting in the car.... um... well I think spending over $100,000 on a car, anybody would look cute!! I think it's a standard feature included in ever Mercedes!!!

But I did actually see a few cars that I would think about getting (used, never buying a new car again!). I liked the Scions alot! Lots of room & cute & funky, also a few others, like the Tricked-Out Bentley!

OH!! And I finally got to sit in my dream car.... The Dodge Challenger!!! That car is so hot....


  1. I got a washing machine in the back of my Honda Fit. Also, I had to haul a big filing cabinet for an auction project for school because it wouldn't fit in one of the dad's in my class Tahoe but fit in the Fit.

    Just saying... :-)

  2. That's awesome!! We did look at the Fit, and with the seats down there is SOOOOO MUCH SPACE back there. They are cute too, I like the whole square-ish hatchback car. And they are pretty affordable too, right? Thanx for the interesting info!!

  3. Well, well, that car is not too shabby! They say that a car chooses its owner, when in fact, it's the owner-to-be who has the power to choose the perfect car. Taking time to look and research for the best car that suits you might take some time. Good thing the internet exists to provide you with easy access of company websites that'll give you an idea of what car you need.

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