Friday, December 11, 2009

New Cupcake Design!!!

YEA!! Did get some photos done yesterday. I hate the winter sun cause I never think about going out to photograph my stuff until afternoon. In the summer I have good sun until like 4-5 pm. But now, I get shadows by 3:00!!! Today's a bust with pictures anyways cause it's raining! It hardly rains here in SoCal, but it's been rather wet this past week.

I did get some awesome picts of my new CupCake designs though!! Just listed them in my shop. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how the cherries turned out. It's crazy how you come up with the most creative stuff when you are pressured for time. I made the little stems last minute, and LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! I think they look pretty realistic. I also love the yummy colors & shading & cuteness.... actually I love how I did them!! Ego much?

CupCakes 1CupCakes 2

Purple CupCake 2Red CupCake 1

Green CupCake 1Blue CupCake 2

I also am experimenting with some new material. I did a test last night (actually I'm going to turn it into a X-Mas present for my niece) & am really happy how it turned out. I need to get a couple things to make the custom order I got for it, but will post pictures tomorrow of process. It's pretty cool.

Have a great Weekend!! Only 2 more till Christmas!! Get your shopping done... in my shop :)

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  1. Hi Chrissy,
    I've just given you a blog award. I love your work. You always amaze me with your innovative ideas. You can pick up your award at my blog. Don't feel you have to post 7 things about yourself. I know this time of year can be really hectic. I do hope you drop by and pick up your award--you deserve it. ~Robin