Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So this is so a late night post... because I have some HUGE news...

My brain is working on overtime cause I was just accepted into the UNIQUE L.A. Craft Show. Man, I had just given up on doing any show this season, but now I have a not just a fire lit under my butt, but a propane tank on full power, directly up my bum-hole. Man, I can't believe it, I have so much to do. I started (kinda) on some X-Mas themed stuff yesterday, then last night I got the news. So I am totally going to try & keep everybody updated on the most recent FeltedChicken news!!!

I am totally committed to blogging the experience of my first Craft Show!!! Hopefully it will turn out great for me! Picts to come tomorrow!!!

Nothing like SUPER PRESSURE to get you motivated!

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