Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kinda Squirrely!

So here are pictures of my newest Needle-Felted Sculpture. He was inspired by my walk through of the Hard-Ware Store. I found these giant bolts & nuts, so I made him. I think I could use this idea of screwing on things via giant bolts for future projects!! I also wanted to play with adding different materials into the wool... kinda... "Metal vs. Wool" - the ultimate battle!! (not really)

Squirrel Drawing

This is the picture of the drawing I made before I sculpted. I still like to make sketches before I commit myself to making a sculpture. I think it's easier to work through the look and shape before I go 3-D.

Squirrel w/ Nut Head 2Squirrel w/ Nut Head 4

Squirrel w/ Nut Head 6Squirrel w/ Nut Head 3

I think he's kinda cute. I like that you can interact with the piece by screwing or unscrewing the nut. That's a big goal of mine, to get my pieces more interactive. He's pretty heavy to cause I had to get a long bolt to balance the weight of the nut as the head. I sculpted him completely, then cut down into his body to make room for the bolt, then finally I added a little gray shadow with my trusty airbrush.

Crafty Felt!

And this is just a peek at what's going on at my house right now. I'm a crafting-machine!! I will be listing new items in my shop, hopefully in the next couple days. I have a ton of ideas & am going shopping today to get my crafty-stash restocked!!

** Man just re-reading my post & I hate that White Wool doesn't photograph very well. The squirrel is really cute, has some personality, but it gets so washed out in pictures. He looks kinda blah & blank here, sorry**

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