Friday, November 6, 2009

I am a Machine...

My days & nights... my house... are all being taken over with Craftiness! I am trying to make up for lost time and am working hard on getting ready for my first Craft Show. I kinda feel like I'm running in place cause I'm starting all sorts of projects, and haven't finished any yet. But hopefully I will get a few things finished up & photo'd this weekend so I can start listing X-Mas friendly items in my shop. There is alot of prep work that I have to do to get the ball rolling with my felted sculptures, so here are some fun picts of my quickly expanding crafty work...

Sheets & sheets & sheets of white pre-felt drying on my home-made clothes lines. I just tied some twine up between the bars on my windows out back. Usually I just stack 'em up and let them air dry, but I figured I would be making so many that a couple of nice dry-lines would come in handy!

Stacks of cut foam waiting to be wet-felted with the pre-felt. I have a ton of great ideas & am excited to get to felting!! There is some logs & sushi & other stuff hiding in the stack just waiting to be made!!

A bag full of felted sushi waiting to be finished. They are like little blank canvases ready for some color!! They look so sad being all white sitting in their festive bag.

So I WILL BE SUPER PRODUCTIVE this weekend & I WILL have pictures of new products on Monday!! YEA!!!

**Also just wanted to mention that I am deeply saddened & moved by the tragedy yesterday in Texas. Everyone needs to send their thoughts & prayers to the families of those fallen soldiers. It's amazing how it only takes one irrational person to destroy so many lives. It's a sad day....

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