Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RIP Old Brother™

So all of that work I wanted to finish up to post in my shop this past weekend was kinda put on hold because my trusty, loyal Sewing Machine died on Saturday. My mom got me my first Brother Sewing Machine almost 10 years ago. It's been a good friend, but it was time to up-grade. So finally yesterday I got out & bought myself a brand new Singer. It's a dream, I sewed like 5 hours yesterday & I forgot how fast & easy sew could be with a nice new machine!!

This is my new machine. With it's help, I finished up a ton of (re)GIFT BAGS yesterday!! So today I will finally get to take some picts, so I can start to list some of my newer pieces!! Tomorrow I will be unveiling some super-awesome X-Mas themed stuff that will be for sale in my shop!! I'm also up-date & stream-lining all of my previous designs, so I can offer things for a bit cheaper!! Gotta get those sales rolling again!

And this weekend was not a total wash, I did finish up a lot of sushi!! Again I am stream-lining the process, so I will be able to offer more sushi... cheaper!!! I also have a ton of foam that is all cut & ready for some felt, but I do have to clean my kitchen up & do the dishes before I can get rolling on those...

I have some REALLY cute stuff in the works, & still feel overwhelmed, but am starting to feel a little better with actually finishing things. I'm going to need to get some boxes soon, Start packing things up so they are ready to go!!!!


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  1. NOTE: Uh... sorry for all of the spelling & grammar mistakes. I was typing really fast & when I reread it, noticed all the type-o's. I'm too lazy to go back & fix them right now... so you'll just have to deal with it!!!