Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always loved this little picture, it makes me smile. I've never been a real big Thanksgiving person. Usually I don't have family to spend it with, so end up with friends or at home with take-out. But this year we are going to Lance's cousin's house, so should be fun. I can't stay all day (still got lots to do)!!!!!

Etsy sent out one of their newsletters it was titled

"Getting Ready for Cyber Monday"

OMG... Black Friday... Cyber Monday...

It's just too much for me now. Well, I can get some new items photographed this weekend in prep for the BIG DAY!! But I still have so much to do for the show. Only 9 days till I set up, I'm never going to get everything done! I like how I never do anything half-way, so of course I had to get the 10' x 10' booth to sell at, instead of a (cheaper) table. But I figured that If I was going to jump in, I might as well try & make a giant splash.

Speaking of Black Friday, I just got my After-Thanksgiving Ad from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Just to tell you that they have a pretty good sale going on for the weekend. I'm excited cause I've been putting off getting more felt fabric, and lucky me, it's on sale for $1.99 a yard!! Usually it's $4.99 a yard, so now I have a reason to head out with all the crazies at the "A$$ Crack of Dawn" on Friday morning. That in theory should be about my last push for stuff to buy.

I will try too!

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