Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exciting News & New Pieces!!

So I just got an email that has some exciting news! 2 of my pieces got accepted into a fibers book for publication!! It's called 1000 Artisan Textiles and I think it's like a giant book of fun fibers art. Both of my fish sculptures (the Goldfish & Pufferfish) will be included!! So this will be my first official publication!! It's supposed to come out next May, so I'll let you know more info when the times get closer!!

Also I've finally got some pictures of the newer pieces that I finished last week. I'll show a couple today & the other tomorrow. They will be listed in my shop, for a little cheaper than the past couple pieces that I've put up!!!

Felted Dollars 1

These are a couple of Budget & Economy inspired pieces. I usually don't feel the need to make political or social statements with my art, but I think money has been on my mind (and everybody's too) for a while. I also wanted to accomplish a new technique with each piece. The "Burning Dollar" piece was made because I wanted to try my hand at making some fire. It's pretty stylized & cute, but I love how the charred & burnt parts turned out!! And the "Wood Grain Dollar" was made cause I wanted to try to make, well, wood grain. That one was really fun with trying to blend the wood grain into the graphics of the Dollar!! I also used stencils while airbrushing to layout the different colors for the graphics. And sped up making decorative line work by pre-felting tiny cords of thin wool to use as lines.

It's fun when you can see good progress with understanding the different way to work with you material. You find that the creation process goes much faster & that you can take on more challenging projects!!! I'm not uber excited about them, but I like 'em well enough, & think they were successful with what they taught me!!!

Felted Dollars 2Felted Dollars 3

Felted Dollars 4Felted Dollars 5

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