Thursday, September 3, 2009

Artist's Block...


So I think I've got writer's & artist's block. I just don't have any ideas. I am finishing up a couple of sculptures that I've been working on for the past week, they are pretty cool, not my best. I learned alot of new techniques & tricks to speed up future projects, but nothing to inspire me into jumping into a new project. I will take some pictures today & share them tomorrow. I practiced some surface design ideas, tried my hand with stenciling, practiced airbrushing, & found some great ways to do some quick line work (which I hated before cause it takes too long.)


Need some inspiration. How do you work through an artist's block, do you take time off, or do you just keep working through it. I know it will pass & I'll be up & running with some uber ambitious piece sooner or later, but I got nothing else to do for the moment. Maybe I'll work on organizing my supplies & making some prefelt for when I get an idea. Anybody got any suggestions!?!?!?!

Maybe I'll visit a museum, or read some books that I have stacked up, or play with electronics & making a robot. So sorry if I'm a bit flaky with posting things for a short time!!!!!

I hate posting things without pictures, so I'll leave you with a list of my Etsy Favorite's for your viewing pleasure!!

Maybe something from one of these amazing artists will inspire you!!!


  1. I think everybody gets blocked sometimes or gets in a rut. Those are great ideas, Chrissy. I like going to the zoo and drawing. I also just throw out real zany ideas, with associations with shape, color or a mood. I also play with playdough, doodle and scribble. As for writing I have a permanent block! You write way more than I do and your blog is a lot more interesting. I guess my advise is to play and think of the possibilities.

  2. Blocks are normal you just have to keep showing up at the plate to take a swing at it. Eventually something will hit. I did the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron this summer with my family and friend. It is amazing for blocks. It will get you cleaned out. I just went to my first LA Fiber Arts Guild mtg. It was awesome and the ladies were really nice and helpful. Have you ever considered trying something like that?

    Hope I've helped a little,