Thursday, September 10, 2009


We were supposed to go to the L.A. County Fair today... but... I was dumb on Tuesday & decided to do like a thousand lunges while hiking & now I can barely walk. Boo!! I didn't feel that bad when I did them, so was dumb & didn't stretch, so now it feels like my legs are on fire!! It's supposed to be kinda hot today anyways, so it might be better to wait, I want to be in tip-top shape when we go & eat foot long CornDogs!! Man, I love the fair, I'm so excited!!!

I do have another new piece to today!! YEA!! Here's another piece using the glowing "El Wire". This was the felted foam cylinder that I used the pre-felt for. Then I dyed them red with some Kool-Aid, and airbrushed the shadows and highlights with acrylic paint. The battery pack for the "El Wire" is stored inside the sticks of dynamite, with a zipper opening on the underside. This was fun to make & I think I'm going to make some more bomb type pieces in the near future. Also working on a custom piece for a friend, a little piggy!!

Dynamite 4Dynamite 1

Dynamite 2Dynamite 3

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