Friday, September 11, 2009

Techno-Crafty Weekend!!!

So does anybody have plans for the weekend?!?!?! I'm excited cause tonight I get the house to myself! My boyfriend is starting up his weekly bowling again. I'm gonna play video games all night!!

Also I'm SUPER excited cause I got my Electronics/Robots kits in the mail yesterday!! I got a "learn to solder" kit & a fun little robot with sound & light sensors. It is my first time trying soldering & I'm not so good at it yet. I think there might be something funny with the iron or the plug cause it doesn't really melt the solder that often. You are suppose to "Tin" the tip of the iron, but my iron rarely "Tins". I don't know... But hopefully with these kits, I can learn a bit more about the electronic parts & then maybe I can start to design & incorporate more techno-crafty fun into my pieces!!!!

** If you have any soldering experience, please pass on any super easy tricks-of-the-trade you might have, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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