Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Day-Cation!!

So hope everybody had a great weekend. Lance & I went out and had a mini Day-Cation. We went on a road trip up the coast and ended up at a little funny town north of Santa Barbara called Salvang. It's little cute little tourist town that was all Dutch themed with shops & bakeries & icecream parlors. We ate too much and after seeing the photos of the day I've decided that I need to go on a diet!! HAHA!! Being unemployed for so long has gotten me rather lazy & I need to step it up! I pretend to workout every-so-often, but we definitely have no excuse. But besides the eating too much junk food we had a blast! We stopped at "Ostrich Land" and fed the dinosaur-esque birds. They were actually kinda scary!!! Here's some pictures from the day!!

We stopped at Neptune's Net for lunch. It's a pretty well know stop on the PCH outside of Malibu. Since it was a nice Sunday, the place was packed full of bikers & families out on a drive. The entire front of the place was lined up with motorcycles. Driving up the PCH is awsome, beautiful coastal drive!

Here's me infront of one of the many Dutch-style windmills in Salvang. I can remember 3 of them off the top of my head. The whole town looked like this. There were also gift shops full of tons of stuff you don't need, a number of Wineries & Pubs, a fun town center with an old gazebo, and lots of people with dogs and kids. It's a long drive but a great day-trip destination.

Here's me feeding an Ostrich. They give you a bowl and then you just put it out & the peck all the food out. Some were cool, but then others would get aggressive & try and take the bowl away. We were laughing and said that they aren't very nice... but then there were no signs saying

"Come feed the super cuddly giant birds"


"Beware... WE BITE!!!"

Overall we had a great day. We did get lost and started to fight, but then it had been like 6 hours of driving. But while lost we found an awsome fishing pier that we walked out on and watched the final light fade behind the ocean. It was a great day!! I'll have to think about what our next Day-Cation will be!!!


  1. You are much braver than I am.
    Ostriches FREAK me out!
    I almost cry in fear whenever I see one. haha.
    Looks like a lovely day!

  2. Cool!!! Sounds like it was awesome!

  3. sounds like fun! I have been along that drive on vacation. It's lovely!