Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Picts of Angler Fish!!!

So finally got to take some night shots of the Angler Fish last night. Usually I become a pumpkin once the sun goes down, but last night I got the picts. I went out right at dusk, so at the beginning I got some pictures of the Angler with the fading light (you can still see details & color), and by the end I got pictures being lit only by it's blue LED light. I like how they came out!! Very excited! I think I will list him on Etsy today, but just to warn you, he will be super expensive. I got an email from a potential customer yesterday asking if I could lower my prices. I was very flattered that she loved my work & felt really bad that I couldn't justify lower the price. I accept that my sculptures are very expensive & they might not sell quickly... if they ever do... I'm o.k. with that. Sure I'd like the money, but I am very proud of my work, & hope that my fellow artists don't undervalue their hard work just for the sake of making money. I am working hard to build my portfolio for applying to Grad school, so unfortunately I'm not making smaller, cheaper pieces at this time. I just want people to enjoy my work, if someone buys something - GREAT! But if not... I'll just be eating Mac & Cheese for ever - HAHA!!!

Angler Fish 5Angler Fish 6

Angler Fish 4Angler Fish 2

Angler Fish 3Angler Fish 1

I like the super dark pictures. The fish looks really creepy!! HAHA!! Fun Stuff!!!


  1. The night pics are fabulous! You should consider making greeting cards with his image! You could do it through Zazzle or CafePress with no upfront money. Anyway, I love him. Great work!

  2. Thanx!! I love the night picts too!! They really show what I was trying to convey with the sculpture. Thanx for the suggestion!

  3. What a project and what results! So proud of you and your wonderful work. I also agree with you wholeheartedly about the prices. I had a hard time when I first opened my shop about the pricing, and most people feel like my things are very expensive. Truth is I probably should price them higher. It really bothers me when people put things in shops for next to nothing. Dont they realize they undervalue EVERYBODY'S work when they do that? YOu do amazing work and you deserve every penny you ask for!