Friday, July 31, 2009

Presenting.... Angler Fish!

Sorry I haven't posted much this week, working on the fish was little & not much to show, PLUS I was almost done, so I thought I'd just wait & post all the rest when I finished!!! I finally finished & took pictures yesterday!!


But I do want to try and take some pictures at night or dusk, cause in the bright light you can't see the LED. But here's the final stages and the final pictures of THE ANGLER FISH!!!

Angler Fish Process 135Angler Fish Process 136Here is the start of making the eyes. I made 2 spheres & covered them in Black wool. Then I wanted a kind of Reflective-Eye look so I mixed some black & blue wool to use as the base color.

Angler Fish Process 137Angler Fish Process 138Here's the eye inside the socket, then with some accent colors felted on. I used some light blue & white for the final hightlights. He finally has some personality!!

Angler Fish Process 139
Time to clip all the fly-away fibers. I personally hate fuzzy needle-felted sculptures. I think I could buy a fuzzy piece, but I can't make a fuzzy piece. I'm too much a perfectionist. This step takes a while to do cause I try and get in all the nooks & crannies to clip the fibers. Then I'm covered in a haze of purply wool.

Angler Fish Process 140
Because I want to use the eye socket as storage for the battery pack (and I cut a space in the other eye for storing the batteries) I attached the eyeball to the piece with some thread. This way the eyes will never get lost or fall out. I know this would be my luck, so trying to help the fish out as much as I can.

Angler Fish4Angler Fish2

Angler Fish1Angler Fish3

YEA!!! HE'S DONE!!! I still want to take those night pictures to show the LED light. I think I might do that tonight & then I'll be listing him in my Etsy shop this weekend. I'm not really expecting to sell him (and just to be warned he will be SUPER expensive). But you never know... maybe some rich geek will stumble upon him & snatch him up for the bargain price of probably $3-400.00.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!!


  1. THAT ROCKS!!!! And the LED light - awesome touch!
    Your works never cease to amaze me - just fabulous. And you should take pics of the clipped fuzzies fog you are left in after clipping :)

  2. Oh MY GAWD!!! This is AMAZING!!!
    (hey! And I just saw you on Craftster! Yay!)

  3. this is awesome. My 7 year old son choose this as his under the sea fish for his project at school. The kids is obsessed with Angler Fish and their very strange being. I need to make one of these with lights and all. Good inspiration