Friday, August 21, 2009

um... I got noth'n....

Well, I don't really have much to share, but thought I'd post today anyways, although later than usual. I am FINALLY finishing the paint job on the jelleyfish today. Of course I decide to paint on the one day in Southern California that it happens to be cloudy. It looks like it almost kinda sorta wants to rain. My luck....

Went to visit my Aunt in the hospital yesterday. She is looking well & hopefully will get to go home today or tomorrow. She rushed to the hospital in such a hurry she didn't have anything to occupy her time. So I brought her a fun grab-bag full of stuff to keep her busy. I got her a jigsaw puzzle, crossword & word-search books, a trashy novel (my mom's suggestion), some crayons & pens & pencils, a deck of cards, some mouth wash, & other stuff I can't think of. It was fun shopping for her & finding all sorts of fun stuff to buy!!

I am making some presents for the family (& a couple to sell in the shop) that I am also painting today. I'm trying to be proactive & make some seasonal stuff before the season has already past!! So you guess what they are, they are white here, but I think you get the picture.

Hopefully I'll have final picts of the JellyFish to share on Monday!! If the clouds & rain stay away, that is. I love rainy days, you miss them when you don't get them that often!

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