Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angler Fish: Day 21

Didn't get too much done yesterday, but TODAY... JUST WAIT... probably not, but I will finish the fish in the next couple days. I started doing the accent colors, which is a slow, but final step. Going to go hiking in a bit, before it gets too hot out, so hopefully a bit of exercise will motivate me to get lots done today!!!

Angler Fish Process 129

I found these cool things at RadioShack. They are kind of Heat-Shinking Wire Covers. Instead of using tape or something hard to cover the wire connections, I tried these. They come in many colors and sizes.

Angler Fish Process 130

I put the covers over the wire connections then got to use my mini heat-gun!! You can get one at lots of craft stores & you never know when you can use one. I've used it a little at my real job with burning & melting styro-foam, but was sure glad I had it to use it for it's intended purpose!!

Angler Fish Process 131

See just shrink the covers over the exposed wires!! It was super easy. You can also use it for any everyday electronics you need to fix up. Maybe if you don't use it, suggest it to your friendly-neighborhood-electrician (a.k.a. boyfriend, husband, or dad). One thing I did have to remember is that the cover is a tube, so you need to put it over the wires BEFORE you finalize the connection. Although I did cut them, wrapped them around the wires, and heat-shrinked them & they worked great too!!

Angler Fish Process 132Angler Fish Process 133Here is the beginning of some highlighted "scales". They kinda look like dots now, so we'll see what I can do with that. I also added alot more PLUS white highlights. We'll see if I like how it turns out, if not, then I'll just remove them & fix it!!!

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