Monday, July 27, 2009

Angler Fish: Day 19 & 20

Hope everybody had a good weekend!! I was very productive & got lots of errands done & almost finished the fish!! I'm already planning my next sculpture, so I'd better finish him up before I loose interest. He's so close, I just need to hunker down & finish all the details off.

Angler Fish Process 115

I placed all the teeth in the mouth first using giant T-pins. I wanted to see what she would look like with the teeth in. I was so surprised and excited about how the teeth finally made the whole thing come together!!

Angler Fish Process 116

I then felted the teeth into the mouth. I first used the giant 36 gauged needle to really get them attached. Then I went in with the 38 gauged needle to sculpt them into the gums of the mouth.

Angler Fish Process 117
Here you can see the finished set of bottom teeth compared to the not-so-finished top set. When I felted the teeth in they kinda stuck out too much, so I had to sculpt them to curve into the mouth. This included felting the back of each tooth to help it curve inwards.

Angler Fish Process 118Angler Fish Process 119
Here he is all toothy!!! I think he looks super awesome!! I have to admit he looks better from the side, and looks alittle too toothy from the front, so even felted sculptures have "Good Sides"!!!!

Angler Fish Process 120Angler Fish Process 121Angler Fish Process 122

So after I finished off the teeth it was time to put in the light. I got some conductive thread to use, but felt more comfortable using insulated wire. So I needed to cut a hole from the top of the head through to the eye socket. I then pulled through the wires and had the original coin battery holder all ready to go.

Angler Fish Process 123Angler Fish Process 124
Next it was time to put the wires through the "fishing rod" I cut the rod down the middle to let the wires go in. I did test the wire to see how needling the wire would work, but luckily the coating is thick enough to not get damaged.

*No pictures - But next I felted most of the rod closed, up to where I needed to attach the LED. I also felted the base of the rod to the head.

Angler Fish Process 125Angler Fish Process 126
I broke my original blue LED light from playing with it too much. So I had to run to RadioShack & I ended up getting a bigger light. The bigger light meant that the coin battery that I had was a little too weak to make it super bright. So I swapped it out for a 2 AAA battery holder. I had t cut into the socket more for it to fit & will have to do a couple tests to see how long the batteries will last & how hot it gets.

Angler Fish Process 127Angler Fish Process 128
YEA!!! ALMOST DONE!! Just need to finish cleaning up the wires, felting everything closed, make the eye balls, & add some fun colored accents. It feels great to see him come together. So close, I just need to finish!!!!!

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