Monday, July 20, 2009

Angler Fish: Day 16

So it was a productive weekend & I'm in the home-stretch for finishing the Fish. I ran into a few problems, but nothing I couldn't handle. We didn't do anything exciting this weekend cause I'm really trying to finish this fish up, but I think we might try and see the new Harry Potter today or tomorrow. I have to do laundry & some other stuff today (like bank & post office) YUCK!!

Angler Fish Process 99
I tried to hand steam the fish at first. I thought it would be really easy & great, but it just wasn't getting the job done. I think I learned that for next time I really have to follow the dyeing directions. I didn't exactly apply the dye at exactly 150˚, so I think this kept it really runny. So after about an hour of trying to steam the fish, I went to the big gun!!!

Angler Fish Process 100Angler Fish Process 101I stuck it in the microwave. I spritzed him with some water and wrapped him in some plastic wrap. I think I 'nuked him for a total of 10 minutes, which was a little too much.

Angler Fish Process 102Angler Fish Process 103The dye did run a tiny bit, but I fixed the big runs by pulling the wool up & cutting it off. He is mostly set, but still the dark dye runs a little bit cause I got some on my hands when I felted him. He also looks more purpley.

Angler Fish Process 104Angler Fish Process 105Angler Fish Process 106

This is what happens when you cook felt & foam in the microwave for a little too long. You get a big melty burn hole. OOOPPs!!!! Oh well, I just filled in the hole & then took some of the dark purple wool I cut off the surface & covered the white. ALL FIXED, can't even tell I totally screwed up!!

Angler Fish Process 107Angler Fish Process 108This is what fish looks like after an afternoon of felting the surface down. I also sculpted the deep parts back in. The body is done except for adding accent color like black in the shadows & some "scale" highlights.

Angler Fish Process 110
Took this picture as a test for placement for the "fishing rod" and one tooth. I am going to dye the rod today, then cut it open & put in the electronics, and finally attach it to the body. Then the only big thing left is making the teeth. I think I'll probably wet-felt the spikes & then needle them a little to firm them up & attach them. SHE's going to have alot of teeth!!! GRRRR!!!!

Angler Fish Process 111
Fun picture of testing my blue LED light. I have to get a couple of parts from RadioShack today, but then he's ready to light up. I think I'm going to hide all the hardware inside the eye socket, then leave the eyeball removable so that you can access the hardware, but it stays completely hidden. Pretty Smart, huh!?!?!?!


  1. looks awesome! Can't wait to see this when it's al finished. Michael and I saw land of the lost the other week and totally thought of you!! We liked it a lot more than we thought we was actually pretty good:)Sets were amazing!

  2. A truly incredible piece! I had no idea as to the amount of labor involved in the creation of such a piece.

  3. HAHA!! I saw Land of the Lost with my parents. It was weird cause I couldn't watch the plot, all I could see was the sets. It didn't make since to me cause they used the same sets for different locations, just redressed them, so it was confusing. I was all like "That's not a Swamp!! That's the Forest they used at the beginning!!" I should be on the DVD with the "Making Of".

    Thanx Pat. I have to confess that I don't work 8 hours a day on it, so I could have finished it way earlier, but I'm lazy. But that's why I'm posting all the picts, to be sure that people see the work & how it's made!!!