Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Angler Fish: Day 10

So didn't get much done yesterday cause I had a meeting at CalArts school because I'm probably going to apply to Grad School there. It was really awesome, and if it weren't like $35,000 a year in tuition, I'd be even more excited. But who knows, maybe they will have a surplus of scholarship money next year & will be giving out full-rides.... I can only wish....

I made this funny animation cause I thought it was awesome!!!

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So I did get some work done on the fins for the fish, as soon as I finish them, I'm on to dying!!!! I hope to finish up the fins today so I can start giving him some color tomorrow!! We'll see....

Angler Fish Process 62
Ever time I've made fins for my fish, I've never really liked how they have turned out. I want these fins to be like sculptures themselves with spikey bits. So I'm starting with making some reinforced spikes out of toothpicks. I think the toothpick is about the right size for the spikes that I want.

Angler Fish Process 63
Now take a tuft of wool to wrap around the toothpick, or wire, or whatever you are covering. Be sure to wrap it as tight as you can around the armature. The tighter you wrap it, the less you have to needle felt it.

Angler Fish Process 64
Now needle the tube. Poke, Poke, Poke... Watch out for hitting the toothpick, it will break your needle it you poke it hard enough. And also take one end of the tube and needle it down to form a tapered end.

Angler Fish Process 65
Now I'm trimming all the spikes down to the same size right now. I will end up cutting them to different sizes to create the fanned shapes of the fins. I have alot more spikes to make, but then I will be onto felting the thin webbed membrane between, then applied to the fish.

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  1. Great idea with the toothpicks . I have only tried one sculpture with wire in it and it was a pain to felt around..(needle breaking anxiety)
    Can't wait to see the final result of your fish .