Friday, June 26, 2009

They always come in Threes....

Man it's been a wild week in Entertainment News. And they are right, unfortunately, deaths always come in threes.
First this week to pass away, was Ed McMahon. So sad, he had such a rough time the past couple years. He was the oldest of the 3, so the least surprising. He reminded me of a Dick Clarke or Ryan Seacrest, had his hand in so many projects. An overall entertainer & Host.

Next was Farra Fawcett. A little bit before my time, but an inspiration to every little girl non-the-less. She was beautiful and courageously fought a long and tiring battle with cancer. She was 62, gone way before her time.

And finally, the MOST SHOCKING!! Michael Jackson. Man this is crazy... I remember one day when I was really little, maybe like 5, my family and I were driving down the highyway the day of the Michael Jackson Concert in Dallas. This was in the mid 80's, at the height of his solo career. Anyways, we saw a limo and started waving out the window... I swear this happened.... Then a white sparkly glove waved ou the window!!!! It might just the dream of a little girl, but ask my mom!!!

The irony of yesterday's tragic death of the King of Pop, was that I happened to have an appointment at the UCLA campus, where they took Michael Jackson for medical care. There were tons of helecopters flying around. Then on the way home, we saw a street off of Sunset that was completely blocked off with Crime Scene Tape & Police Officers & Media Vans. We figured that must have been where he lived. Crazy, I had never been to UCLA before that, but the street with the Crime Scene was just blocks from the campus. As crazy & funky as we thought Michael Jackson was, he will be remembered for his amazing influence on Popular Music.

The Entertainment Industry has had a rough week, and the world is mourning the loss of these amazing people.

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