Monday, June 15, 2009

SUMMER: The season of HOT!!!

So I'm in Dallas right now & it just reminds me how HOT HOT HOT summer can be!! Growing up in Texas, summer is not the season of lazy beach days, evening BBQ's, & pool parties. Instead it's the season of staying inside with the air conditioner. It's the reverse of having Winter Cabin Fever. You get Summer Air Conditioning Fever!! You just don't go out when it's 110˚ outside!

Southern California is a little different. Make no mistake, it gets HOT in the summer! My mom came to visit me a couple of years ago in July & it was the hottest summer ever recorded. It was 126˚ one day. The biggest difference is the hummidity! 126˚ is hot no matter what, but usually you can sit in the shade and it's a slight relief. When it's 110˚ with 90% hummidity, there is no escape!!!

I hope everyone enjoys the last week of Spring! Summer is here to stay!

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