Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer, Summer!!!!

Yep... It's getting to be that time again... SUMMER!!! I'm a pretty big fan of summer, well, at first. I love the warmer weather, long days, going to the beach, BBQ's, cold beer, vacations, movies, fireworks, etc. My birthday is at the beginning of summer & I always remember having pool-parties & icecream cake!! Then there always is the summer vacation!! Last year & again this year I have been fortunate enough to be able to take 2 weeks & visit my family in Dallas. I'm going next week & get to spend the time lounging by the pool, drinking beer, shopping, watching cable t.v., hanging out with my mom, dad, brother, sister, & niece!! Then if I'm super lucky, maybe Lance will take me to Vegas for a get-away weekend!! Again - lounging by the pool, drinking beer, watching cable t.v. & hanging out with the boy!!

Then there is the darker side of summer...

I hate wearing shorts. Period. My cats get sooooo hot & miserable (I have to get my fat cat's hair shaved so that it's a bit cooler for him). I don't have air conditioning, & can NEVER cool off. You take a shower & can't seem to ever dry off. The BLAZING black leather seats in my car that give me 3rd degree burns. Sweat. The never ending "summer" of late September.

I think those things get to me once the "honeymoon" time of summer has past. Like an annoying ex-boyfriend, it just won't go away!! But hey, after all of that, there is fall - My FAVORITE season!!!

Here is my birthday present to myself this year, a fun & exciting reminder of those lazy stress-free summer days of childhood!!

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  1. Fall is my favorite too! I loved summer most of my life but since I moved out to the Riverside area I think summer is my least favorite. Thanks for the wool info! I have been MIA myself. :) We did a Round Robin thing on the felting Forums a while back and someone included a little wool from a C1 Norwegian Felting Batt OMG talk about felting up fast and easy. It is hard to find and a little expensive but I love it. I will have to give your wool a try. I have mostly been using a craft wool as a base and felting colored wool over it but I want to play with Kool-aid someday. Take care. :)