Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Family Weekend!!

YEA!!! My brother & sister-in-law are in town this weekend. Bro is doing business, but sis is here to hangout! She's never been to L.A. so we have to drive around & do the typical "sight-seeing" thing today. We will probably just hit the Burbank-Hollywood-Beverly Hills-Santa Monica line. They are staying in a fancy hotel on the beach, so it's a perfect route to see the main sights! I'll try & take some pictures of us & post 'em on Monday.

SideNote- Just had to share the comical events of yesterday. This is what happened to me all within the hour of 12-1 pm:

-Drove to drop off food at food bank (I guess they don't want to "Stamp Out Hunger" in Hollywood cause they never picked up my food last Saturday) - VACANT BUILDING!!!
-Driving to do laundry - ALMOST GOT IN ACCIDENT!!
-Grocery Store - POWER WENT OUT!!!
-Went Home.

I seriously thought I was getting "Punked" or something. I pretty much took it with a smile & came home & sat my butt on the couch for the rest of the day!!!

Favorites Friday!!!
(Honestly, I am just lazy & find it so much easier to just copy & paste an "Etsy Mini", instead of listing individuals, think of it as my own mini Treasury!)

For all of the Blythe fans, do check out a great friend's brand new shop. I work with her at my day job (scenic sculpting), & she has recently started to refinish & custom up-cycle vintage Barbie Accessories into new & funky play sets. PartyDolly - be sure to check out here awesome "Tiki Bar Play Set"!!!


  1. I think you were punked and just dont know it yet. Love your favorites! I will check out your friends shop, I love my Blythe. :) Have fun with your family!