Thursday, May 14, 2009

Facebook & Twitter & Blogs, OH MY!!

My cat's watching a squirrel outside the window right now, & if I'm really lucky, he will jump over here, knock all the candles off the window sill, and spill my coffee!!!

ANYWHO... Sometimes I feel slightly overwhelmed by all of the Facebooking, & Twittering, & Blogging, & Posting, & Listing, & Chatting, & Texting, & etc. It was worse when I first started, but now that I have the basics under control, I find myself overextended in all of the "promoting" that I try and pull off. I've weeded out alot of the extra Networking sites and mainly focus on:


*Please feel free to visit my links & be my friend!!!

I also follow -ARG!!! KITTY JUST KNOCKED A BUNCH OF CRAP OFF THE WINDOW INTO THE KITCHEN SINK!!!!!-many-a-blogs. Some are crafty types like me, but I also love blogs that feature Marketing & Business Tips. These are a few of my favorites that will help any Crafty Artists or Online Sellers:

Handmadeology - **This is the Mecca for all Crafty Seller's Tips!! Please, if you have never checked it out & find yourself drowning in Computerness, there are amazingly simple tips on how to setup every account possible, & how to use it!

Please share your business links with me!! I'll check 'em out & you'll have a new friend!!

Also if you know any obvious Crafty Seller's sites that I don't know of, please tell me!! I didn't list them all here, but am always on the lookout for great places where I can learn more!!


  1. Hi Chrissy, I like just for fun. I twitter and Flickr I don't have time to spend on facebook because it makes me feel like a moron. I like the felting forum because I can always learn something new or find new places to get wool. I had a shop at artfire and a shop at 1000markets but no business I think you have to take to much time promoting them. I have listed a couple of things on ebay with no luck but I think some of your high end stuff may do well there.

  2. Thanx for the suggestions! Ebay is such a BEAST!! I used to love the FeltingForum, but they always seem to freeze my account because of inactivity. I've gotten it reopened once already, and just need to write Kay & get it up and going again.