Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've been trying to keep myself motivated & busy since my parents left. I'm doing a pretty good job, except for going to the gym thing, I need to work on that one.

So.... I've been....

Gardening... I have it started, but need to go back to the garden center to get some more mulch & maybe a plant or 2! I'll send out pictures when it's done!

Felting... Started some new and exciting spring/easter type felted pieces. I'm in the middle of making a tutorial about it, & will try and unveil it on Friday, the first day of Spring!

Cleaning... That's not really that exciting, but I am making an effort to clean a little each day, so it doesn't get too overwhelming later.

Sewing... I'm working on a completely new (re)GIFT BAG. I'm making the first one for my niece, her first birthday is next week. I'll have pictures soon.

Shopping... Gotta run out to Burbank & hit a couple stores today. Gotta do the garden center, Toys R Us, Joanne's fabrics, etc. Plus, since I sold a few items from my shop, I like to purchase something from a fellow Etsy seller. It was a total spontaneous purchase, I was gonna buy something off of my favorites list, but got sucked into looking at shop, & found this....

It's made outta felt. I like the design & goldfish. I know Lance will not like it too much, he's pretty picky about decorating, but I don't care, I like it!

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  1. I love your pillow. I try to buy from other etsy sellers as much as I can. I think it is good karma plus more thought and love went into making it then if you bought it at Crate and Barrel.
    I like your keep busy list I need to do some gardening myself. :)