Friday, February 6, 2009


Yea Friday!! Today is kinda like a Friday cause Lance has off tomorrow. We are going to be helping his dad and grandma move in the morning. It rained all for the past couple days, hopefully it won't pour tomorrow!

Today I'm going to feature an awesome gift guide (well, mainly because I'm in it).

This is a spring Gift Guide of local California Crafters. There's lots of cute jewelry, bath and spa products, handmade gift cards, and kid's stuff featured on there. You can find me in the "Tots to Teens", "Etc", and "Under $50" sections. This is my first jump into advertising my items in a guide (it was really cheap!) and I'll wait and see if it brings in any new business!!


There are lots of great movies opening in theaters this weekend. We usually wait till they come out on DVD, but we might have to go see one of these.... They look pretty awesome, I think we'll have to go see the first one though! I'll let you know on Monday!!!

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  1. Hey i am a California crafter to but I am not in the gift guide. lol He's just not that into you looks great Coraline looks good but creepy I also want to check out Taken and the Uninvited. Lots of good stuff to choose from but I will probably stay home and play with wool. :)