Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm still getting used to Lance's new schedule. His days off are Monday and Tuesday, so I pretty much have no idea what day it is. Didn't see a movie yet, but will today or tomorrow. So I'll let you know then!!! Made a couple of sales this weekend!!! And one was even to a stranger!!! CHEERS to first non-family-member sale!!! Started some new creep pieces, should finish 'em up in the next couple days. And posted a couple new items in my shop that are getting some good views.

These are a couple of yummy cute needle-felted cupcakes! Available in my ETSY shop for only $12!!!


OK. So this is the MOST AWESOME web series ever. It's about a group of online gamers & their socially awkward antics. We've been watching it on the X-BOX, but you can check the episodes out at their web site. The Guild remind me of my friend Esti. She would love it...


  1. I adore those cupcakes. So cute!

  2. I wanted to see Confessions of a Shopaholic until I saw that it was not British like the book. :(
    Loving the cupcakes I have made a couple of them but have not listed them. I am using one as a needle cushion for my felting needles.