Thursday, February 5, 2009


I did get some stuff done. The baby steps are working I think. I went walking yesterday because I was amazingly nice out. I got some new pieces up on my Etsy shop, finished my mom's B-day present, worked on the first real felted chicken, and even started a new piece that I should end up finishing today!! So I got quite a bit done, that's what happens when you aren't glued to the computer for most of the day!!!

Speaking of new items posted in my shop...

NEW (re)GIFT BAGS ARE HERE!! - Same old graphics, brand new designs!! These small bags are sized to fit a little personal presents, possibly the size of a jewelry box, or even a pieces of MEGA SUSHI!!! Available for $ 10.00 at my shop FeltedChicken


Watch NBC tonight to see the whole & full "Land of the Lost" trailer. I don't watch t.v. so I probably won't see it tonight, but I will find it and post it here tomorrow!!!


  1. I love your work. I cant wait to see the real felted chicken. :) I am such a nerd I want to see Land of the Lost I got all stupid and giddy during the Superbowl when I saw the trailer.

  2. oh i'm feeling so slack after reading ur post....maybe should try to stay away from computer ur crab!