Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not much going on today. We did go see "He's Just Not That Into You" & it was pretty cute. I'm usually don't like girly movies that much, but this one was cute AND funny. I recommend it as a great date movie for Valentine's Day!!!

ummm... I'm working on a couple new pieces (like always) and might have pictures tomorrow...

hmmm... I really need to go to the gym, I've been REALLY bad the past couple weeks...

uhhh... I'm just stretching here for stuff...

Here's a couple cute things I've found on Etsy recently (if you have nothing to say... stop talking!)

chetart - Tokyo Rodeo - $20

I bought this print last week. I really like Chetart's style. This one's funny cause it reminds me of the mix between Lance & me!! Japanese Monster meets Cowboy!

BunnyBubbles - Fortune Cookie Soap Set - $6

I just think these are sooo cute. They look pretty realistic too! She also has some sushi shaped soaps, too.


  1. Hi! This is Terry, aka BunnyBubbles. Glad you think my soaps are cute! I'm getting ready to add some "Geek Fortune Cookies" to the site...just like the regular ones, but with movie quotes or lines from 80's cartoons or other various pop-culture-y things on them!

  2. Oooooo!!! FUN! Your stuff is awesome, can't wait!!

  3. Great finds! I may check out that movie, I wanted to see confessions of a shopaholic but that was before I knew it was not British like the book. I know that sounds dumb but it is what it is. lol

  4. I hate it when they do that. Some of the humor is lost in translation. Like, me and my boyfriend loves the show "Coupling" - but then saw the American version, & it sucked!!!