Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'VE O.D.ed

I think I've overdosed on the internet & my little "online shop". Tueday was my breaking point. I think I spent like 8 hours on the computer or something. So starting yesterday, instead of taking baby steps back, I'm taking a GIANT LEAP back!!! Making fun artsy-crafty stuff has become a chore & that's exactly what I didn't want to happen. So I'm gonna chill out for a while.

I sat outside in the sun & read a book. I need to clean-up the house, definitely go to the gym, get some groceries, & cook dinner. That's my plan for the day.

I'll post some picts of the last couple of new pieces I made. Making bugs is kinda fun because they are so creepy and gross, but really interesting!!

Check 'em out in my shop now!! I like the spider, CREEPY!! OooooH!!! I officially have over 100 ♥'s on my Etsy shop!!!! Pretty cool!


  1. I have learned that if I only make things for my shop when I am in the mood I do way better. I love needling so I work on things a lot of the time but if I am not in the mood I do the things you mentioned .... except going to the gym I need to do that. We have a gym in our garage so I don't need to go that far. lol

  2. Thanx! Laura, you are a rock of support!! I haven't really made anything new for a couple days, and I'm starting to feel a bit itchy, so I think I'm almost ready to get back in.

    Just need a break I think!!

  3. I took 2 mths off and now am ready to go again. It's hard to balance computer time vs creating time vs family time.I need three of me!

  4. those are truly and wonderfully creepy chris!!! I can't believe how far you have taken this in such a short amount of time!!! so proud of you - miss you too