Tuesday, February 3, 2009


to the internet...

Man, I know it's bad, that's why I think I'm gonna try to take some baby steps back from my obsessive need to be constantly connected. It's so bad that when I am lost, like the other night, I call my mom & dad to look up directions on google because I forgot I have an actual map (made of paper) in my car. It's bad. Especially since I have not much else to occupy my time because I'm still not working. But the problem comes in when I spend more time promoting my art work on line, than making it.

So for the next couple days I really gonna focus on making some cool stuff for my shop. I'll post pictures in a couple of days, maybe tomorrow I won't post a blog

Thats's ok, you know. To take a day away from the blog...
You guys can handle that right...
as long as I come back with some SUPER-AWESOME stuff huh?
Quality over quanity!!


  1. I do the same thing. I forget that I have dishes to wash family and dogs to feed. It can take over. Promoting is the worst way to get lost because if you don't have anything to sell you have nothing to promote so get busy!! lol

  2. I was going to post a thoughtful comment, and then I realized it would take you computer time to read it, and possibly respond. So I'll leave you to your crafting! :)

  3. Thnx Aloquin!!! I have cut down on my computer time, BUT I am waiting for my pot roast to cook, so that doesn't count!!

    PLUS it did take me like 3 weeks to read & respond to my blog comments, so that's something huh.... but then again... I think I just forget to check, sorry!!!