Tuesday, December 30, 2008


man i can be so lazy, that's why it takes me so long to recover from a vacation. i did make some soaps for last minute x-mas presents, and made a ham for dinner, other than that, not much. but today i am sooo going to the gym!!!

let's see, i think i might start trying to get a new Etsy shop up and running in the next week, although i do need some stuff to sell on it. Maybe i'll try some Valentine's Day themed stuff and some felted soap, seems fun! i'm also looking into ordering some new wool. some of the wool that i bought in Dallas was awesome with the making of soaps thing, so i'm trying to track down what kind it is. here's a picture of my new soft, fancy wool.

let's see, the green is a mohair/wool/bamboo blend, want to try maybe some wet felting with that. the blueish rope is a Corriedale wool, this is the super soap wool. the grey is an Icelandic wool, it's pretty soft. and the bluish-green curly wool is Mohair curls. don't know what i want to try with that but it seems fun.

in addition to my regular crafty blog i think i'm gonna start adding in some other useless information that i want to tell you. it could be anything from interesting news stories, random facts, movie reviews, or just whatever floats my boat for the day. i think i might call it the Side-Show...


this is a movie called THE HOST. i think it is probably the BEST MONSTER MOVIE i've seen in a long time. it's scary and funny, but the only thing is is that it's subtitled. my boyfriend is super into all sorts of asian movies so i've gotten used to reading my movies, so if you can get over the distraction of it, it is AWESOME!!!

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