Monday, December 29, 2008


hey everybody! i hope everyone had a fun & safe & happy & awesome christmas!!! lance & i just got back from visiting my family in Dallas. we had alot of fun! lots of drink'n and eat'n and shop'n. the week definately went by too fast! i get kinda sad when i have to come back to my home cause i miss everyone so much & i have so much fun especially with my my niece Ady, she is a trip!! i guess i'll just have to plan my next trip soon. but i do think we might be making a trip out to the east coast in the summer for a friend's wedding!!! i do hope work picks up soon so that i'll have money to go!

i'm posting a couple of pictures from the holiday cause i didn't work on a single crafty thing while i was away.

don't tell anybody... but i didn't really get any pictures of my brother and amy (the parents) i guess that's what you get when you are overwhelmingly overshadowed by the most awesome baby ever!!! sorry guys!!

and p.s. somebody tell grandma that i already used her gift certificate! HAHAHA!! and technically mom, we didn't spend it on paper towels and toilet paper... we spent it on LUXURY paper towels (the kind that has pick-your-size sheets) & EXPENSIVE toilet paper (double rolls)!!!

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