Wednesday, December 31, 2008


does everyone have big plans for the night?!?!? i'm pretty sure lance & i are just gonna go out to eat someplace and then stay in for a "ROCK'N NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!" my dad drilled into my head when i was a kid that on NYE you should go where you are planning to be for the night, and then stay there. there are too many crazies out there tonight. so even though i'm all grown up, i still am partial to staying in and relaxing at home.

yea!!! tomorrow we are going down to san diego for new year's day at lance's aunt toni's house. that should be fun!! i'll try and remember to take pictures. i did pretty well in dallas except for the whole no-pictures-of-scott-&-amy thing.

let's see...

2007 - crappy. the end of alot. made us all stronger, more aware of each other and ourselves, made us appreciate all that we possess and that we have lost.

2008 - awesome. many new beginnings. a time for learning & revaluation.

2009 - i hope it's just pretty chill!

so, wishing everybody a fun, safe, and happy new year.

and the best for 2009.

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  1. Nice post. That's a very colorful new year banner. I love your new year wishes messages so here's sending mine. Happy new year!