Thursday, December 18, 2008


so with scott's presents, i'm dont with making x-mas presents. this is pretty exciting cause i haven't really got to make anything that i wanted to make. i started with the octopus, but then got busy making things for my family, so there are a ton of ideas that i haven't got to do yet. i ordered an online class: Felt Alive With Kay Petal
Soft-Sculpting Lifelike Characters.
this class is about making figures, detailed with eye lids and everything. and just from reading the class instructions over, i think there will be alot of tricks and tips that will help me make better pieces. things that i could have eventually figured out by myself, but if the information is there presented by someone with the experience, why not take advantage of it. (can you tell that i'm a sucker for how-to books!!! the "Dummy's guide" books are awesome!)

so once i start working on some new stuff i'll let you know, but for today i finally have pictures of my brother's x-mas present....

oh, and BTW i didn't end up doing much of anything yesterday. i didn't do laundry, didn't go to the gym, didn't clean the house... i sat in my studio, with the space heater, read some felting books, and brainstormed some new projects, then fell asleep on the couch. it was not such an awful day after all.

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