Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i'm kinda blah today & in a complaining mood... it's cloudy, rainy, and cold out today... i need to go to the laundry mat and clean some clothes today... i'm sore this morning from weight training yesterday at the gym... i can't seem to stop eating candy, i'm a fiend... i'm feel not-so motivated to do much of anything today... it actually makes since that my mood might be connected with the amazingly large quantity of sugar i have been intaking lately. need to do something about that. i can't help it though... i need it....

but in lighter news, i finished ady's christmas present. now i made these with the thought of them being a usable toy, but i'll have to discuss the safety issues with regards to a baby. maybe it will be more of a grown-up toy, when she isn't preoccupied with chewing on things. but they also can be used in a fun decorative way too!!

i think they are pretty fun. these are the tessellation fish that i made, then dyed with kool-aid powder. then i needle felted numbers on one side and letters on the other. (all in complementary color!) very educational!

here is a short tutorial on how to dye wool with kool-aid powder...

and remember if you click on the title of the slideshow, it will take you to my Flickr page and then you can read step-by-step directions that i included.

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