Friday, December 19, 2008


yea!! only 6 days till x-mas & 2 till we leave for Dallas!!! i'm excited! gotta clean the house & pack all the fun presents i made for the family. we are taking a late flight on sunday night, but my mom & dad are hardcore and they can handle it! can't wait to see Ady too! she thought i was hilarious last time i saw her, so we'll see if i am so awesome this time.

thought i'd give you a bit of fun trivia today. i read this in one of my felting books and this bit of text is from wikipedia (which is the ultimate website to read about anything and everything you could think about)

Mad Hatter

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hatter is a fictional character initially encountered at a tea party in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and later again as "Hatta" in the story's sequel, Through the Looking Glass. He is popularly referred to as the "Mad Hatter," but is never called by this name in Carroll's book- although the Cheshire Cat
does warn Alice that he is mad, and the Hatter's eccentric behavior
supports this. (Likewise, the chapter in which he first appears, "A Mad
Tea-Party", is often called "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party")....

The name 'Mad Hatter' was undoubtedly inspired by the phrase "as mad as
a hatter". There is some confusion as to the origins of this phrase. Mercury
was used in the process of curing felt used in some hats. It was
impossible for hatters to avoid inhaling the mercury fumes given off
during the hat making process. Hatters and mill workers often suffered
mercury poisoning as residual mercury vapor caused neurological damage
including confused speech and distorted vision. It was not unusual then
for hatters to appear disturbed or mentally confused, many died early
as a result of mercury poisoning...

pretty funny huh? they said this is one theory as to the origin of the Mad Hatter. this is a time when i am truly thankfull for the fact that i live in an OSHA world. yea safety regulations!!! or you would see me in a few weeks all crazy and spazy. well at least in that case i might not be so worried about paying my bills and finding a job!!! maybe just a little crazy is good enough.

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