Friday, January 27, 2012

The Craftcation Conference

So I saw a flier for this at a local craft show & am seriously thinking about going....

Craftcation Conference logo

It looks like basically a business conference tailored to crafty & DIY people.  Here is a little bit from their statement about who & what they are...

craftcation is a three day indie business & diy workshop conference. it’s a retreat to inspire, network and build upon the independent craft business community. our objective is to ignite the entrepenurerial business spirit, strengthen skills and abilities of both seasoned business owners and newcomers to indie craft business. this is an opportunity to network, communicate and share with your peers.

events and topics include:
indie business: how to start a crafty business, maximizing social media, blogging, in’s & out’s of indie craft shows, etsy, wholesaling, merchandising, accounting, legal issues, branding, website design and more.
diy workshops: screenprinting, sewing, canning & preserving, cheesemaking, needle arts, terrariums & edible gardens, organic bath products, jewelry and more.
community: meet & greets, pop-up shops, yoga, bbq & cocktail socials and so much more!

It's not cheap, $275 if you register before February 1st, but since one of my GOALS this year is to really focus on building my business(es), I think some of the talks look like they might be really helpful.  Some of the specific topics that I want to attend are:

  • making the most of craftcation through social media
  • financial basics for indie business start-ups

  • is your social media strategy really a strategy?

  • breaking into the art exhibition world

Definitely take at look at their website.  I think after I get a paycheck from my day-job, I might sign up.  I think the difference between an at-home-kitchen-table crafty Etsy seller, and being self-employed by owning and operating your own business is knowledge & I'm tired of swimming around in a world of business that I know nothing about!

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  1. thanks for posting about craftcation-it really is an investment in the future of your indie biz and you can have a lovely time rubbing elbows with craftelebrities while you do it! and we have TONS of community events like happy hour, bbq social, 80's dance party, morning yoga and more. hope to see you there!
    -random nicole