Monday, July 26, 2010

So Sorry....

So I know I haven't posted much recently, that's because we've had some tragic family concerns. We lost a VERY loved & (will be) VERY missed member of our family. If you happen to be a friend or family member I just want to Thank You for all the love & support that you have given Lance & I. It only gets easier with time....

So because of the family stuff going on I have been lacking in inspiration with my art work & with my blog. Time heals, and this past weekend I was a vendor at the L.A. Renegade Show. I did WAY WAY WAY better than I was expecting, so if you are a new friend that I met yesterday or an old friend that maybe has been missing me...


Super motivated & excited about making some awesome piece after this past weekend. So, starting tomorrow I promise to start working & posting stuff more!! Will have a few picts from my booth tomorrow!!!


Chrissy P.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss and welcome back. I can't wait to see your new stuff!