Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Work... Work... Work...

So I started my new scenic sculpting job last week & it's funny cause now I see why I hadn't made my own art for so long. When you spend all day sculpting or painting at work, then you don't feel very creative when you get home. You kinda get your "art" fix all day & the last thing I want to do when I get home is work on more art!! Working at the Art Supply Store is different cause you are around artsy people & art stuff all day, but you can't make anything!!!

So with the VERY little time I've had at home to work on my own stuff, I have updated pictures of the Pink Predator!! His head is almost finished, just need to clean it up a bit more, then bake it!! Working with sculpey is a little different & I'm learning alot, and still need practice, but here it is so far!!!!

Pink Predator Munny 7Pink Predator Munny 6

Pink Predator Munny 5Pink Predator Munny 4

Pink Predator Munny 3Pink Predator Munny 2

Pink Predator Munny 1


  1. Cool! It looks great so far! And congrats on the work. It's so neat that you can do all three. Your professional sculpting must really help you hone your skills and vice versa.

  2. He looks amazing....you have a real gift for visualizing 3 dimensionally .