Monday, May 3, 2010

Koi Progress Pictures!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I am feeling sooooo much better & even got a ton of work done on my newest felted sculpture! I thought I'd share some more progress picts of the Koi Hanging Wall piece that I have been working on. It's almost done, just gotta attach the fins, finish any additional detail & painting, & make the supporting wood piece to allow it to hang on the wall!! I'm super excited about how he has been turning out, and hopefully will finish him this week, then show him at my work!!

Koi Progress 1

This is what the koi looked like when I finished felting & sculpting and before I started airbrushing any color or shadows. I used the iDye in Sun Yellow (maybe... don't remember exactly which color it was), but I LOVE those dyes!! When my parents were in town last weekend I totally talked my dad into buying me like 5 more colors! Now I have the whole rainbow!!

Koi Progress 2

Here's the Koi with his first layer of color. Started with a bright orange for shading & overall color. I dyed him yellow at first to allow plenty of light highlights.

Koi Progress 3

All the parts finish painted (for now). Now just need to attach the fins, that's gonna be tricky, but I'm sure I'll figure something out!!

Koi Progress 4

Love how the shading on the scales turned out!! He's actually much more brilliant orange than these pictures show.

Koi Progress 5

Detail of face & scales. I'm not sure about how "airbrushed" his face looks right now... may need to work on that just a little bit more.


  1. He's amazing, Chrissy! I really like this one a lot!!!!

  2. Thanx Robin!!! Always awesome to get compliments from one of my favorite felters!!

  3. The shading really brings him to life....very cool .