Monday, May 10, 2010

Koi is Finished!!

So he's all finished!! It was a dash to the finish, but I got him all done & photo'd yesterday, then went and hung him at my work today! Feels great to be done & I'm really happy with how it turned out. Here are the final picts of the Koi & what he looks like in his new home....

Koi 1Koi 5

Koi 6Koi 3

Koi 8

And I think it's funny cause when I finally hung it, it looks kinda small. When you are working on a piece (in hand) and up close, it seems HUGE... but... when hung next to giant paintings, he looks less than impressive. But he still looks cool!! Come by the Blick Art Supply Store on Beverly if you are hanging out in the Hollywood area!! He will also be listed in my shop this morning!!

Koi 10

Koi 9


  1. He's stunning! I wish I could get to Hollywood to see him! He's absolutely huge for a felted piece.

  2. He looks awesome Krissy, like a tattoo come to life . I doubt he will last long in your shop, some one into Asian art will want him for sure .