Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HUGE Week!!

It's been a big, busy past week here at Felted Chicken!!! I've had 4 sales (which pretty much doubled my total sales in February). Not only have I been getting ready for The Pink Parlour Festival by running around town getting stuff & finishing product, but I also am working 40 hours at my job, AND have made my FIRST GIANT Etsy sale!!!

I sold the Angler Fish!! He will be missed because he has had a permanent spot on our bookcase in the living room for the past year. He is going to a great home in Germany!! It's my first major sculpture sale & it feels awesome!! I feel kinda justified & like an official Artist!!

And here is a Custom Cupcake that I made for a customer this week, too! It's a sweet Chocolate Cupcake with Frosty Blue Icing!! It's got me thinking of making some more interesting Cupcake Color combinations.

OH!! I forgot to mention before....

I just listed my 100th item in my Etsy Shop!!! Gots lots of stuff, now just need lots of buyers!!! HAHA!!!


  1. Congratulations on your sales! I love your angler fish and was quite surprised that he wasn't snapped up before now.

  2. Congrats on the sales . Hope that boosts your confidence for your coming craft fair .

  3. Thank You both!!! It has been an inspiring week! I also sold the Jelly Fish, and got a custom order for a mini-Angler Fish!! When it rains, it pours!!

    I hope the show goes well on Sunday!! Even if i don't make back my table fee, I know that I will try to make some local connections, & it will be more experience....... sorry, feeling fairly chipper & optimistic recently!! Sounds lame, but I know you learn from every experience!!