Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello Kitty!!

I feel like my brain is running 100 mph right now, I worked all weekend, but we did get out on Friday night for a Super-Fun time. We went to an art show that was celebrating the 35th anniversary of HELLO KITTY. It was awesome! Since it was Friday the 13th, it was officially "Goth Night", so there were lots of people dressed up. The line to get in to the show went down & around the block, but we totally had the hook-up & got to go in the back door!! There were paintings & drawings & sculpture by a ton of pop-culture artists & toy designers. I really wanted to buy a print from "Angry Woebots", but it was like $150, and I'm poor again, so no. Here are a couple of picts from our night out!!

*The last picture is of the print I wanted to buy, so awesome, if you've never seen Angry Woebot, he's awesome!!!

I also got some new bags done yesterday & started to get some of my supplies in the mail! I got some new sushi containers, so I can put some BRAND NEW SUSHI DESIGNS sets together. Very exciting! I guess things are slooooowly coming together. Still got lots to do!!

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