Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Spreading the Etsy Love!!

Wanted to shared with you some amazing Etsy News!! A super-awesome-great friend that I knew while living in Baltimore is the Etsy Feature Seller this week!!! It's so great because her & her husband have been working hard for years to build their crafty business. PLUS, she just quit her day-job as an elementary school art teacher this year & was nervous about how well she would do by supporting herself with her art. Well... Shawna... it seems to be working out great for you!!!

Congrats Shawna!!! Please click on the links & check out her interview & shop!!!

I work on my pots the same way I would work a collage, adding layers and layers until I have the image that makes sense to me. I think of little stories as I work, imagining that one creature is running from another or that a bunny was just caught nibbling on some radishes in the garden.

Read the interview

pinkkiss on Etsy

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