Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing with a new toy!!

So yesterday afternoon I got to play with an old (but new to my felting) toy. I've been putting off playing around with it cause we have wasps that like to hang around the back yard & I am deathly afraid of getting stung. But I've found that if I don't wear bright colors & go outside in the late afternoon, they don't bother me. So I pulled out my airbrush!! I've been wanting to play with it since I was working with the dye for the Angler Fish. The techniques that I was using then would have been alot easier with an actual airbrush. I also bought a starter set of fabric paints, cause I don't the dying process didn't work out for me that well.

So I started playing with some watered down fabric paints. It was fun & fast. I think it will work well for the kind of color I like to paint onto my sculptures. I always like to go with a gradated, soft painterly color, then I add the accent colors after with colored roving. So I'm excited about the potential for this!! And thank God for my pack-rat-of-a-boyfriend who saves everything. That's his air-compressor. It's old, but great for what I need it for!!

I'm going hiking this morning, then maybe I'll be more motivated to work on my new sculpture more. I'm almost ready to start the painting process for part of it, so hopefully by this afternoon I can start on that. I've been feeling kinda sluggishwhich is just a horrible cycle, cause you feel sluggish, then you sit around and do nothing, then you feel even more gross for not doing anything, then you definitely don't feel like doing anything productive. I just need to pick myself up, dust myself off, & start fresh. Today's a new day!!

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