Monday, August 10, 2009

Etsy's - memoriesforlifesb

Hope everybody had a great weekend! We didn't do much really. I worked a bit on my newest sculpture, which hopefully I can have some update pictures of today. I was going to try out a brand new technique, but since the wasps were trying to dive-bomb me outside, I didn't get to play with it. I think it will work out really well, so tomorrow I'll share more. So I thought today I would share my monthly Featured Etsy seller and fellow blogger....

memoriesforlifesb on Etsy

memoriesforlifesb Blog

This amazing artist makes some very beautiful and very fun hand-made scrap book albums. I love how she makes her own albums from scratch. it reminds me of when I took book-making in college & all of the fun techniques I learned about book binding & laminating album covers. But memoriesforlifesb takes all of those basic techniques and has come up with some very unique and creative items.

I love this album. It's a great sculptural scrapbook that can sit on any surface, a desk or table or mantel. I like how it very elegant, plus you can customize it anyways you'd like.

Star Shaped Scrapbook Photo Album - $20

And this item is super cute and really really really creative. It's a scrapbook album that's made from flip-flops!! This one is for your recent grad, but she also makes custom book, and I think this would be great to remember you favorite beach vacation!!!!!

Graduation Flip Flop Scrapbook Album - $20

So please check out her shop & blog!!! I also wanted to leave you with a picture of my very first Flower from my Plumeria tree!!! I had 2 blooms before, but one fell off, not sure how, but there are a few more starting to bloom up, but I think it's beautiful!!!

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