Thursday, July 9, 2009

Angler Fish: Day 7

Ok, so I have to admit that I've been a little lazy the past couple of days. I am addicted to my Kindle (electronic book). I now remember why I don't let myself read that much, cause I won't do anything else. I get sucked in & only want to read, so now that I've finished my book, I can get on with real life. I did order some real wool dyes yesterday though. I've officially graduated from using Kool Aid to using WashFast Acid Dyes. I know that the color I want to dye the Angler does not come in a yummy flavor, so I need to move onto to something more professional. So till I get my dye in and the steamer my mom is sending me, I will just have to noodle around with the fish and keep sculpting.

Angler Fish Process 43
Did some texture inside the mouth. I do wish that white wool would show up in photo better. I am also using my iPhone to take the picts, so they aren't as nice as with my camera. But you can still kind of see the ridges I sculpted into the top of the mouth. I still need to figure out what I am going to do with the electronics & LED light, so I might still need to cut into it in the end.

Angler Fish Process 44
I'm basically done sculpting the overall shape of the fish, so I started to work on defining more of the details. I started with the eye socket. I went in and cut out a real hollow socket. I'm not sure if I'm going to put the eyeball in now, or wait till after it's dyed, I'm leaning towards after.

Angler Fish Process 45
I then finished up the socket with the usual "core" wool and white Romney. I am using a thin layer of "core" wool over any showing foam because it is a bit more solid than the Romney & helps cover the green color of the foam. Plus it's a whole lot cheaper!!!

Angler Fish Process 46
Next I was looking the fish over trying to think of some things that I could do to make it really awesome. I think there is a point in my sculpting where I could be done, it looks okay, but it's just not there yet. It's that extra step of care & detail that I put into my pieces that makes me feel like they stand out. Think of it like icing a cake. It's really easy to bake the cake & ice it, but when you take the extra time & love & care to put a couple flowers or decorations on it, even a name of the Birthday Person, it makes it that much more special!!

The whole fish was looking a little soft & cute, so I decided to add some harder lines in to help push some areas and make them "POP"!!

Angler Fish Process 47
I want these areas to be kind of hard lines, so I stuffed the slices with some "core" wool. This helped push the area above the line up and push the areas behind, down. I needled the wool to make sure it works itself down into the cut and filled it up.

Angler Fish Process 48
I like how these lines are turning into more Wrinkles than mounds. I like the really sharp hard line that is forming. It's helping the fish look alittle more mean.

Soft = Cute & Cartoony
Hard = Menacing & Real

I just now need to finish filling the slices & cover then with a thin layer of white Romney.

What's instore for today? Hmmm.... You'll just have to wait and see!!!


I also wanted to share the custom piece I just finished up yesterday. So there, I was slightly productive the past couple days - HA!!

Skull & Crossbones 2Skull & Crossbones

I think I turned out pretty cute. It has a magnet glued to the back too. I have another custom job in the works. A customer wants some mini CupCake (re)Gift Bags. I think that should be pretty easy, just need to adjust my pattern size & go for it. A couple small jobs are better than none!!!!

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